Spricht über Heilung: Mr. Albert Manuel.talks about healing: Mr. Albert Manuel from India

This text is from our friend and partner Albert Manuel from India, who works as a management-consultant and orator. This article belongs to geistiges Heilen (spiritual healing)



Stubborn mental or physical diseases always have a deep root in the sub-consciousness. Illness may be cured by pulling out its hidden roots. That is why all affirmations of the conscious mind should be impressive enough to permeate the sub-consciousness which in turn automatically influences the conscious mind. Strong conscious affirmations thus react on the mind and body through the medium of the subconscious. Still stronger affirmations reach not only the subconscious, but also the superconsicous mind — the magic storehouse of miraculous powers — Sri Sri Paramahansa Yogananda

We all have this tendency of thinking, that we must have good health at all times. However, our health both mental and physical is determined primarily by our thought processes. We always try to look for excuses to say why we are in a bad state. We usually forget to understand that mental or physical diseases may have manifested because somewhere we would have transgressed from the spiritual or divine laws and one has to go through some cleansing to be drawn back to God almighty.
What Paramahansa Yoganandaji is trying to convey is that we have to go to the root cause of the problem by improving our spiritual attitude through the abovementioned quote. We are very eager to get healed or good health instantaneously however we forget that unless we are always in tune to the supreme consciousness or cosmic consciousness we cannot achieve it. Divine laws work with a lot of precision.

When we are developing ourselves into being Self realized people we have to believe,  that it takes time for healing to happen and the process is all about enduring the suffering that is imminent. And moreover we have to have the attitude of complete surrender to the Almighty, because only he directs everything. So doing our part of affirming good health in a strong manner without an element of doubt is certainly essential. In the initial stages of our spiritual quest, we always have questions about the power of affirmations; but being steadfast in it is the only way ahead because in time your effort will see results.
Paramahansa Yogananda puts it very well stating that pain and pleasure is transitory and we have to endure the duality with the belief and faith that once we accept and possess the almighty we are well. Everything gets dissolved in his omnipresence.

God Bless every soul in this world, Amen

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